John Dove

I just wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did for me with my sinus surgery. I couldn’t have imagined that it would go so smoothly or it would be so pain free. No swelling, no black eyes, and afterward, barely even the symptoms of a common cold. Your surgery was very non-invasive and quick healing. Thank you for diagnosing me correctly when others had not, and fixing the problem. I feel great!

Terry Stockner

Bar none, Dr. Alexiou is top notch. Want to know why? keep reading.

For years I have dealt with having 3 to 4 sinus infections a year. I went through all the options with my family doctors and even started allergy shots to try to get through this. The allergy treatment definitely helped, however I was still having infections at least 3 times a year.

Then I started to have major sinus migraines. That intense pain that requires you to concentrate to even speak, let alone function.

I was sent to Dr. Alexiou for evaluation. The office visit immediately diagnosed my problem, as Dr. Alexiou was not able to inspect my sinuses due to a major issue. His immediate response was, “When did you break your nose?”
“What do you mean?”

“I cannot insert the scope as far as I need. Your nose has been broken at some point.”

Granted I have had my fair share of bang ups, backyard football and all, however they were nothing that I thought I broke my nose. Sure enough, an MRI latter showed, my sinuses were majorly blocked.

Nobody wants to have sinus surgery, yet I am here to tell you it was well worth it!
I was uncomfortable for a couple of days. Dr. Alexiou guided my wife and I through the minor recovery and the final results were amazing.

I am now like a normal person. I still get the occasional sinus infection, like everyone else, however I no longer have to take major doses of antibiotics!! The difference is literally night and day.

Dr Alexiou took the time to solve my issues with a true sincere desire to make my pain go away. He still does to this day.
When I do have to see him, once a year or so, we still joke about the fact I am allergic to dogs and my current wife and her dog was a package deal…. decisions, decisions. I do love the dog… Any way.

I know sinus pain. I know the fear of sinus surgery. Let go of the fear and let him take the pain away.

Rebecca Rawley Wright

I can’t say enough about Michael Alexiou- an amazing Doctor– and better yet, an amazing person. I would highly recommend him! Dr. Alexiou is my #1 choice for any of my loved ones.

Sarah Hagan

Our one year old daughter had chronic ear infections and we were at the point where nothing was relieving her of pain and infection. When we met Dr. Alexiou the first time he was

gentle with her and established a connection with her. He was patient with me and took the time to answer all of my questions. We determined ear tubes was the best choice.
Our daughter was the first patient to have ear tubes put in at the outpatient surgical office. Dr. Alexiou and his team were fantastic. They were kind, compassionate, and made us feel very comfortable. They treated our daughter with love and made us feel as if she was the most important patient. The procedure has changed our daughters life and we have Dr. Alexiou to thank for that!
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Alexiou and his team!!

Joyce Martin

I cannot sing praises loud enough for the relief I got after having the in-office Balloon Sinuplasty. I had the procedure in July of 2015. For me it was without pain & very little discomfort. A quick procedure that I walked out of his office for the ride home in a short amount of time. Previously my colds would last about 3 weeks and always end up with a sinus infection. I have had one (I’ll call it a sniffel) because it lasted only 3 days. I had no sinus fullness or pain. I thank you Dr. Alexiou for making my life so much better by not having to deal with sinus pain & infections.


In spite of my endless fear of surgery, you made everything easier and even somewhat fun! Your kindness and positive attitude meant a lot to me, the same for your whole staff. You are special! GRAZIE!

Valerie Weaver

Greg and I have been so pleased to have been guided to you. We not only appreciate your skill as a surgeon, but for your compassion for patients’ and their families.

Julie and Gary Sager

You treated our daughter, a JMU student, for a raging case of mono that almost brought her studies at JMU to a halt. Throughout her illness and hospitalization, we were comforted by the level of care and compassion that she received. She is on her way back to classes and she would not have returned to this level of health had it not been for the care she received from you. Your phone calls and how you took her illness so seriously greatly relieved our concerns. Thank you so much!

Laura Z.

I heard from many people inside and outside of the hospital the great job you did on my surgery. You also helped me feel calm and relaxed about the whole process. It was nice to have doctor who understand the importance of getting back on the soccer field. Thanks!


Thank you very much for recommending that I pursue cochlear implant surgery. The CI has made it possible for me to use the phone, hear people pray and free my family from frequent note taking.

Clifford and Esther Wenger

When we walk in your door we feel your concern and compassion and not just like another number. We greatly appreciate your professionalism.

Angela Kone

Your kindness, care and compassion during this rough season has been a blessing through it all. Thanks for making a difference.


I appreciate your interest in helping me make an informed decision. Your expertise and personal touch made it so much easier. You are a great asset to the medical community here in Harrisonburg.

Steve Gerome

My breathing has improved SIGNIFICANTLY since undergoing the endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty. I appreciate your great care and professional manner.

Heather Blessing

My son, Aiden had his tonsils removed and I just want to say “thank you” to a wonderful staff and the best ENT doctor there is!

Jacob Huffman and Family

Thanks you so much for removing my skin cancer and for the care you gave to me before, during and after my procedure. You are appreciated!